Assassin Recruit of the Brotherhood of Assassins, Constantinople branch, specializing in medium-ranged weapons

Salve, amico. It's an honor to have you visit me. Do keep an eye on your personal belongings, though. Wouldn't want anything to go missing, now, would we? If I'm not around, I'm probably busy running errands. Or I'm lost in the city. I am still fairly new... Feel free to send me a message by pigeon, though, if you really want to. Addio for now!

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(If you want to get in touch with me via other means, please leave a message in my askbox. I'm more than willing to work something out.)
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espritchevalier sent: "Bonjour, Giordano~" she purred to the Italian, louging on his bed with nothing but a sexy French maid outfit on. She used her index finger to beckon him to the bed, only a single candle lighting the room.